Monday, March 7, 2011

Guaranteed Food Coma

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday everyone! So, start preparing a hedonistic day for yourself, in which you indulge in all of your pleasures (whatever they may be) before the 40 days of abstaining that begin with Ash Wednesday. Each year, my fat Tuesday celebration takes a slightly different route.

A couple years ago, I went to a Cajun festival at the delicious creole restaurant Delta Grill. They had all my favorite New Orleans-esque cuisine (Jambalaya! Crayfish! Hurricaines! Oh Yum!). Then to top it off, they had the most delicious Cajun Martinis made with vodka marinated in jalapenos for a long long time, served with a refreshing floating okra pod when you need a break from the heat. Delish. I christened them the Dirty Cajun, for being like a wonderful dirty martini with a Cajun twist.

This year, I've been abstaining from carbs and junk food as part of a get fit plan for my 26th birthday. So, naturally, the pleasure I'm dreaming of on fat Tuesday is a large greasy doughnut. Not just any doughtnut mind you, a special Polish doughnut that is only made once a year, the Paczki.

Pronounced poonch-ki, this little devil is like the godfather of the Boston Creme. Thanks to my Polish heritage, and my mother's gigantic sweet tooth, I grew up eating these delights once a year. They are a doughnut-like pastry (but heavier, thicker dough), filled with an array of delicious custard flavors including: apple, lemon, raspberry, and then deep fried. They'll cost you about 500 calories, and 25 grams of fat. And yes, that is per doughnut, not for the entire box (which you'll be tempted to wolf down). The Poles? We actually call Fat Tuesday Paczki Day (Fat, big custard filled doughnut? similar meanings there, right?), and use the day to consume these in large quantities. But beware, an irresistible food coma will follow. Be sure you are near a comfy bed with a cozy blanket and some warmed milk before eating too many.

For all of you New Yorkers checking in, I did a little Yelping, and it looks like Star Bakery in Williamsburg is the place to go for these treats, anywhere in Greenpoint where the name ends in ski, or the East Village Meat Market on 2nd. I myself will be checking out the Polish GI Deli on 1st and 7th for my yearly treat.

What will you do to indulge this year?


Miss_Scarlett said...

hahah i love good comas :P

hiani16 said...

Haha nothing beats it



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