Friday, March 25, 2011

Bonnaroo Buzz

Ben and Jerry’s, in typical hippie spirit, has partnered with the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to create a signature ice cream flavor that will be available at the concert event this year. If you’re not quite as lucky as me, and won’t be able to attend the festival in June, Bonnaroo Buzz will be sold at Ben and Jerry’s scoop shops around the country and distributed in your local frozen food section to give you a piece of love and happiness right there in your living room. 

As a marketing director from Ben and Jerry’s quipped, “Bonnaroo Buzz is going from playing intimate clubs to the national circuit.” Last year the flavor was only available in ice cream shops, but in the spirit of supporting rock and roll and doing good for the world, B&J’s expanded their distribution this year. Bonnaroo Buzz is a blend of coffee and malt ice cream with a whiskey caramel swirl and English toffee pieces. They picked the flavor combo since Tennessee is coffee country, and well, they just thought that Bonnaroo fans would be into swirls of whiskey and caramel. Well, I’m here to tell you Ben & Jerry’s, that you’re right. It sounds like a delicious frozen Irish coffee that will be delightfully refreshing in the Southern heat. Rock on.

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