Friday, March 18, 2011

Pet Peeve

I read a lot of magazines monthly. My most recent tally of subscriptions is up to 10 including Vogue, Marie Claire, W, Self, Allure, Lucky, Glamour, Women's Health, Vanity Fair, and Harper's Bazaar. I love magazines. I like the pictures, the glossy feel when I flip through the pages, the ads, and of course, the articles--the main meat. I love reading them cover to cover. I'm a traditionalist. I read front to back, skipping over anything that doesn't hold my interest along the way.

The only thing I dislike about magazines? They way they always have to split the articles. When I am midway through reading, I CANNOT stand when it says in tiny print, "continued on page 263." Then I have to find a bookmark, find the tiny little page numbers, and scan through all the other bits of columns they translplanted to the end of the magazine that should be reserved for weird little ads. It disrupts my whole reading flow. Then, when I've finished the column, I have to find my way back to my original spot if my bookmark has not fallen out.

Why? Why can't they just put it on the next page?

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Chelsea Marie Long said...

This literally drives me completely crazy too! I'm a magazine addict as well, so I completely understand where you're coming from...ridiculous. Why would an advertiser want their ad there anyways? They know it annoys people and they flip right past it!


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