Saturday, March 5, 2011

Currently Celebrating

I am currently celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Hoboken, NJ. But why? It's not the actual holiday yet, you may be thinking. Fact. Want to know another true story?

New Yorker's love St. Paddy's Day so much, that we:
  • Invade surrounding areas up to a week and a half early to celebrate
  • Hold pub crawls the weekend before
  • Have a big parade on the actual day of
  • Probably celebrate the weekend after
So, put on some green and get in the spirit! I personally purchased this green gingham top especially for the occasion.
What would you wear for St. Patty's Day? How do you celebrate?


Marie said...

I don't really wear green but I like watching people celebrate!

Happy Monday!:D

***** Marie *****

hiani16 said...

Happy Monday to you too! I think the only green wardrobe items I own have been purchased with St. Patty's day in mind.


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