Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. After the lush celebration of Mardi Gras, many people are now entering the deprivation of Lent. Not only am I a day late, but this year I’m not giving anything up. Why? Because that's what I think Jesus would do. Instead of blindly suffering (didn't Jesus already do that for us?), I’ve decided to pick up a new positive habit that helps people rather than learning through loss. The one I chose? Being nicer to strangers.

Typically I walk around with a rather stern face on to discourage weirdos from talking to me or getting in my way when I’m walking somewhere. The past few days, I’ve been in such a good mood I’ve been smiling at and talking to everyone. And you know what? It's not half bad. I had braces for so many years, I might as well show off my perfectly straight teeth, right?

I'll take it a step farther, and even say this. Being nice to strangers is fun! It makes waiting in line for things go more quickly. People tend to be nice back. And sometimes they’ll even do something nice for you in return or give you something (just don't accept any candy) simply because you made their day a little better.That's incentive for you, right?

Things I've gotten for free for being nice to strangers:
  • A Kayaking Trip
  • Drinks
  • A Jet Ski Ride
  • Good Conversation
  • A New Computer Charger
  • Some Laughs
  • A Lesson on How to Hoola Hoop Dance
  • An Extra time around on the Carousel
  • Chocolate
  • Tips in a Fitness Class
As a side note, it helps if you smile and bat your eyelashes while being nice. Now get out there and be friendly. Imagine if we all tried it for 40 days. Wouldn't that be better than not eating chocolate, or drinking soda?

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