Friday, March 4, 2011

New Shoes

My favorite new wardrobe item? These cheeky cheetah print heels, dubbed the Wild Thing. I bought them on impulse at Forever 21 on a night with a little bit of spring fever. Their open toes are not yet quite in season. But at $28? They’re a steal.

The total height is around 5 inches, making me a talllll lady with them on, yet with a 1.5 platform, and wedge construction they are really quite easy on the feet.

Today I paired them with black opaque tights, a knee length pencil skirt, gray top, and brown cardi. Voila! Work appropriate animal print. Last weekend I wore them with tights, a black tank dress, and a long green cardi. Voila! Beer garden appropriate!

They’re proving to be the most versatile little item new to my closet in a while. I can wait to wear them with short shorts and breezy little dresses. A little animal print adds a lotta pop to an outfit.

What would you pair these shoes with?


Marie said...

$28 is a good price!:D

I'd pair it with so many things, mainly with blacks & nudes.:D

***** Marie *****

hiani16 said...

Thanks for the suggestions Marie! I'm thinking black, nude, and red are going to be my main combos too!


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