Sunday, March 27, 2011

Morning Glory Music

I had a quiet weekend this weekend of giving a loved one a little TLC. I got to do some of my favorite things, relax on the couch, cook good food, and watch movies. By the time I got to the movie place Saturday night, the selection was a little picked over. My top choices? Burlesque (don't judge me!), and Never Let Me Go. As luck would have it, neither were available for rental. So, I went for my back ups. Morning Glory, and Robin Hood. 

I didn't really want to see Morning Glory. The previews looked stupid, but it was the only comedy left that seemed a little enticing. And I loved it! I don't know why I had such low expectations, since it has three of my favorite actors: Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford, and Rachel McAdams. It was such a feel good movie.

And as a bonus? It had great music! It features songs by Joss Stone, MY FAVE! Listen to this one off her new album Colour Me Free, and prepare to be pumped up with some good old fashioned girl power.

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