Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best Playlist Ever

I'm a huge playlist person. I love making playlists on my iPod. I think my fondness for it hearkens back to the days of mixed tapes and then mixed cd's when I would have hours of fun recording songs off the radio, then a few years later burning cd's to take on trips. I'm a big believer in the idea that music sets the stage, so if I had a vacation planned, I would bring cd's to listen to while we're getting ready. If I was taking a road trip, I would make themed cd's for the ride. If I'm having an apartment party, you should be sure I have at least 4 playlists on hand to keep the atmosphere fun and dancy.

That being said, I have millions of playlists on my iPod with random names that mean nothing to anyone except me. I have them named for spring break trips (Acapulco 1-5) in a code that only my friends understood (Myrtle Bee's), named after people, mixes to run to, and then just randomly named for the mood I was in when I put it together.

Today I created a particularly genius combo of songs that I've been so happy with all day I thought I was worth sharing with you all. Here's the scenario. I was walking to work, and feeling like listening to a little Whitney Houston, "How will I know" specifically popped into my head. This is what it produced:

1. How will I know: Whitney Houston
2. Always be my Baby: Mariah Carey
3. Come on Over: Christina Aguilera
4. Manic Monday: The Bangles
5. A Moment Like This: Kelly Clarkson
6. Step by Step: New Kids on the Block (Yes, I do have them on my iPod)
7. The Sign: Ace of Base
8. Genie in a Bottle: Christina Aguilera
9. Falling into you: Celine Dion
10. Power of Goodbye: Madonna
11. Didn't we Almost Have It All: Whitney Houston
12. You Got It (The Right Stuff): New Kids on the Block
13. Fantasy: Mariah Carey
14. You Make me Feel (Like a Natural Woman): Aretha Franklin
15. Runaway: Janet Jackson

Try not to be too jealous of my fabulous 80's/early 90's music selection.

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Mimi said...

i looooove playlists too! i'm with you on that one. and i do remember the days when we bought blank tapes (it wasn't even CDs yet! haha), and used them to record songs from the radio - we had to be totally quiet! haha. oh good times. ;)

<3, Mimi


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