Saturday, October 23, 2010


There comes a time in all of our post-college lives when we realize that it's time to ditch the tattered Bob Marley poster, the room dividing beads, and the empty keg in the corner that "adds character" or that we were just too lazy to return in favor of "adult" decorations.

I was on a cleaning spree lately, and I threw out a bead curtain, a Bob Marley poster, and a giant print of Johnny Depp playing the piano. A while back I framed a couple prints, so now my room displays Dali's Space Elephants and Gustav Klimt's Life and Death (though my print is cropped just to show the life part).

I felt the need to have some real art looking classy on my walls, matted and framed. It is peaceful to be able to gaze at a pretty painting before you go to sleep.  No, I haven't gotten rid of my foam finger, or my graduation tassle. That stays. It's school spirit! And there are some things from college that should just stick around--like your BFF's.

In the spirit of redecorating, I was perusing my dad's college BFF's photography. He just started selling his gorgeous prints on this website that he just launched at extremely reasonable prices. My favorites are the balloon festival, and the Grand Teton National Park. Check it out!

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