Monday, October 11, 2010

House-Mouse Designs

As you may have picked up on, I'm a total sucker for a cute little animal in pretty much any form. If it's small and fuzzy, I love it. If it's dressed up, I love it all the more. Doing some activity that's ridiculous for an animal? Even better.

As such, I've been a faithful patron of the House-Mouse designs ever since I discovered their cards many years ago. I was on a stroll down the main strip in the Village of Schroon Lake while taking a foray "in to town" after some time spend camping on Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks. I was pretty little, so to break up the camping trip, my parents would take my sister and I from the campsite to get ice cream in the Village of Schroon Lake, or for some souvenir shopping. On one of these jaunts I came across these little mini cards of teeny tiny mice doing the most adorable things. They play in flowers, dress up for Halloween, or run around eating snacks much bigger than they are. Normally, when I think if mice, I think of how soon I can call the exterminator. These little guys? They can stick around. They're too cute for words.
 Does this make anyone else really excited for Halloween?

To my delight, I recently discovered that they started a new line of Happy Hopper goods featuring little bunnies running around being adorable.

Check out their website for stamps, cards, matted prints, or an illustrated book for the little kid in your life. They have e-cards for when you get sick of paying Hallmark $1.99 per electronic greeting. It's the one mouse you won't mind having sitting around your house.

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