Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ladies. Go. Vote. A. Week. From. Today.

Yes, I'm sick of hearing all the election jibber jabber on tv. And yes, I'm also sick of being accosted by political canvasers on my way to the subway every morning. But I'll still be voting on November 2nd. I would never give up that right, no matter how annoyed I get by candidate bickering. You shouldn't either. There is a rising complacency among young Democrats that might risk flips in senate majority, and major changes if voters don't get out, get to the polls, and vote for what they believe in. Republicans, I respect your views. I just don't agree with most of them.

One of the things I love most about the Obama's (among many) is their crusade for health, and against child obesity. It's an affliction our nation needs to take drastic steps against that is compromising the health of a generation for life in many cases. Marie Claire magazine interviewed the Health Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, who is in charge of Obama's widely disputed health care reform bill. Here are some reasons to motivate you blue loving ladies to DVR an episode of Glee, and go wait in line to cast your ballot for liberal minds and women's rights.

 In Obama's ideal health care reform world:
  • Being battered by an abusive partner and reporting it to the police is no longer considered a detrimental pre-existing health condition to disqualify women from benefits
  • Chain restaurants must post calories on their menus (with the goal of cutting down the 1/3 of women in the US who are obese)
  • Pregnancy, or having children with health problems is no longer considered a detrimental pre-existing health condition to disqualify women from benefits
  • Birth control may be categorized as a preventative health care measure (and will be subsidized as such)
  • Women will no longer be charged more for non-employer sponsored insurance than men just because they are female
  • Women will no longer have to pay higher deductibles for life saving screenings for breast and cervical cancer
Like what you hear? Get your lazy bum off the couch, and have your say in who gets to make the laws that control women's bodies and health care options, or set them free. Suffragettes fought for you to have the right. Go out and make them proud!

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