Monday, October 4, 2010

Brow Paradise

InStyle magazine has come out with it's yearly black book of the best places to get the best beauty treatments in major cities across the US. They singled out Hibba NYC as the best brow wax for your buck in NYC. Brow grooming starts at $15, and if you mention InStyle you can get the treatment for $12. The best part is that the waxer pencils in the shape you'll get before she starts removing hair. I've had my share of bad brow treatments. I've had waxers spread hot wax across my hairless forehead to try to take off an imaginary unibrow. The week of my sister's wedding, aka an occasion for thousands of pictures, a careless beautician removed a huge chunk of one brow, making them uneven and one too thin to shape any more. The comfort of seeing a pencil outline is immense. The outline is followed by a careful threading to create the optimal shape, and your session ends with a temple massage, and cold compress soaked in rose water to soothe the skin. Sounds like bliss to me.

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