Monday, October 25, 2010

Secret Romance

Just when you thought that Tiffany Keys or $30,000 watches with hundreds of tiny diamonds floating across the face were the only way to a woman's (OK my) heart, Stella McCartney went out and found you another way in. She debuted a line of 14 karat gold disks that ranging from prices of $3,745 to $2,265 will certainly be less expensive that some extravagant jewelry with a message that says "I deeply care about you" more than, "I want to buy your affection." Literally.

These adorable jewels came right in time for you to start saving up for Valentine's day, and would be perfectly paired with a box of conversation hearts. Each mature looking charm mounted on a swing top pendant has a hieroglyphic like message on one side, and flips to read a mushy little love note on the other. Be Mine and I Love You were featured in the October issue of Vogue. Hey, I was just reading my old School Days notebook, where each year I was asked to describe myself in my own words. At age 10, in the fifth grade, I self identified as having "expensive taste." I might as well live up to it, right?

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Marie said...

Yes, you should!:D Thanks for posting about this.:D

Happy Tuesday!:D

***** Marie *****


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