Friday, October 15, 2010

NYS Latest Plan to Cut the Budget?

WIC is a federally sponsored program to provide nutritious food to pregnant women and their infants and children. It provides vouchers for specific supermarket items like cheese, fruit, and formula. I worked in a grocery store in high school. I rang up many of the vouchers. Lately I've been seeing all these WIC commercials extolling the wonders of breast feeding. Now, I agree that breast feeding is a wonderful thing for those who think it's right. It burns a TONs of calories for the momma, and can boost babies immunities. However, it seems like WIC sponsoring all these commercials is a thinly veiled effort to cut back on the formula vouchers they have to provide. Breast feeding is a very personal choice, not something the government should be pushing on mothers as the "right" thing to do. Is this how bad the federal budget has gotten?

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