Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oh You Fancy Huh

A couple weeks ago I got a raise and lots more responsibilities at work (Yay me!). As a result, for the next few weeks I'll be traveling for work Monday through Friday around New England. When I got my first check with my new pay rate this Friday, I decided it was time for some celebration and a some special treats. So, I scheduled a facial and have spent the past couple days picking up some accessories to make myself a real lady traveller.

For the facial (my first ever) I went to Mario Badescu  salon. They proclaim they have the best facials in NYC. I can't say it lived up to that, but it was relaxing. My beautician massaged my face, neck, and shoulders, put my hands in special hand warmers, and misted my face with steam in between treatments. I fell asleep a couple times to the tune of relaxing music with cucumbers on my eyes. Sigh. If only every Saturday afternoon could be like that. As a bonus, I scored some travel size samples of Mario Badscu's own Super Rich Olive body lotion, Botanical Body Wash, and Citrus cleanser. It's like they knew I needed mini products for my trips. I came out refreshed with a glowing complexion.
Next stop was Sephora to pick up travel size perfume. I will not go several weeks without smelling pretty. I chose Stella McCartney Rose Absolute, my go-to fall scent an a .33 oz roll-on.
While I was there I scored some travel size make up removing cloths and supported endangered animals with Josie Maran's Bear Naked Wipes. A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to NCRD's Polar Bear SOS Initiative to keep the animals from becoming endangered.
Final stop was TJ Maxx for some lady luggage. I do not want the hassle of checking a bag every time I run through the airport, so I picked up an adorable mini hard side carry on by Travel Concepts in Fuchsia.
Lady traveller package complete. 

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