Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wake UP

 John Legend has collaborated with The Roots to put together an album of soulful songs from the 60's and 70's that highlight the need for social consciousness. The aptly titled Wake Up! wants people to look around, and realize the need for awareness and engagement in the world we live in. The theme is open up your pretty eyes and take stock of what's going on. The album also features Shine, a John Legend original track that is featured in the upcoming documentary Superman.

I can't think of a better pairing. In my opinion, John Legend is one of the most talented vocalists out there right now. And, if you read this post you already know how I feel about The Roots from the solid paragraph I devoted to gushing about how FANTASTIC they were live when I saw them perform this summer with Talib Kweli.

I think the real measure of an artists talent is how they sound when they perform. The real greats of the music world sound even better in person than they do in the perfect conditions of a recording studio with countless re-do's and digital remasterings. Performers who are really good wow you every time. You can't fake that. I'll definitely be adding this album to my most played lists on my iPod.

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