Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writers I Love

Today I saw a post on facebook asking people to list their 15 favorite authors of all time who have had an impact on and influenced their lives. Over the weekend I was debating taste in novels with my book club, and reminiscing about favorite authors of my past. I tend to have a rather random taste in books ranging from high "classic" literature to the most scandalous romance novel you can imagine. Some I loved in the past. Some I love now. So here's my list:

  1. R.L. Stine: Goosebumps anyone? I'm pretty sure I own every one ever written, and then graduated to his scarier novels for slightly older kids
  2. Tamora Pierce: The starring character in her novels was a female knight who had purple eyes and magical powers. Need I say more? I believe I was in her fan club at one point
  3. John Steinbeck: My love affair with him started after I read East of Eden. His themes are timeless.
  4. Roald Dahl: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the only book I've read more than 5 times.
  5. Mary Higgins Clark: This was another "scary book" phase I was going through. I read every mystery I could get my hands on. Hard to believe with what a wimp I am today about scary stuff!
  6. Margaret Atwood: LOVE.
  7. E.E. Cummings: Poets count, right?
  8. Maya Angelou: For whenever I need a dose of girl power or a kick in the pants to stop feeling sorry for myself.
  9. Nora Roberts: Guilty pleasure. What can I say? My aunt just keeps passing along bags of her novels.
  10. Terry McMillan: Hello?! She wrote How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Waiting To Exhale, and NOW almost 10 years later, she just came out with a sequel to WTE called Getting to Happy. Color me excited.
  11. Louisa May Alcott: Because sometimes reading one book by an author is enough to make me love an author for life. Little Women. Enough said.
  12. Jane Yolen: She writes the cutest little story books about beautiful faeries and elves, which would not be complete without illustrations by Lauren A Mills.
  13. Carolyn Keene: Because Nancy Drew taught me how to love books. I used to make my mom read me her novels until she fell asleep, and then I'd pick them up and read out loud until she woke up.
  14. Chelsea Handler: I don't typically laugh alone on the subway to myself like a crazy person, but she made me. Several times. I have to admire someone who is funnier in writing than live.
  15. F. Scott Fitzgerald: Epic.
I always find it interesting to find out what people I know are reading. Their taste never fails to surprise me. There is nothing like a good novel to take your mind off your troubles, transport you to another place, or pass a peaceful day. I know a number of other writers/bloggers read my posts. What are some of your favorite authors?

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