Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Gems of Augusta

This week I had a series of firsts. I rented my first car, I stayed in a hotel by myself for the first time, and most importantly, I visited the capital of Maine for the first time eva. Going in to the trip, I had mixed expectations. I hadn't heard great things about Augusta (Disgusta as some Maineiacs like to call it). I heard it's the land of chain restaurants (true) and that everything closes around 9pm (true). Compared to NYC, it's snooze town. But there were some gorgeous little nooks I discovered in my travels. First of all, the leaves. So pretty, and the fresh air. It just makes you want to step out and take a deep long breath. The country side is gorgeous. Then, in the midst of Applebees and Arbys, the star of lunchtime emerged, Bay Wrap. It's a wonderland of salads, vegetarian wraps, and health.
Then there's Water Street, overlooking the valleys of the Kennebec River (which I had white water rafted a couple summers ago through Northern Outdoors) surrounded by banks of changing trees.

I visited the Capitol Building, which is really quite majestic, and the State museum.

Look at all that open space! And blue sky!

And last, but most definitely not least, I sampled the famous Lobster Stew at Hattie's Chowder House in the neighboring town of Hallowell. It is a must have. It's basically a giant bowl of lobster meat with cream poured all over it. Best served with oyster crackers and a large pint of Allagash.
Just in case you need to have some now, you can order lobstah stew, and all kinds of chowdah to your door online at this site over night express. You can thank me later.


Anonymous said...

You officially know way more about Augusta than me. I actually don't think I've ever really been, except to stop at Walmart on the way to something else. We'll get together in Portland when you come next - hope you like it :)


hiani16 said...

I am SO excited about a meet up in Portland! I've been once before, and I think it's adorable. Can't wait!


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